The LOCKDOWN is Healing Us As a Species

Summer Wind

I think most of us were on FEAR OVERLOAD for so long that we finally just stopped participating in it and now can’t go back.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a negative, locking down or feeling like you don’t care, it’s just the way we lived was more appealing from a less matured and healthy perspective. Somewhere in the lockdown we finally healed something that’s been broken maybe for our whole lives. Almost as if a cast was put on humanity so that it would heal back into health.

And for a lot of us we did.

I think really so much of the people complaining about the lockdown and how it’s a conspiracy from the cabal, or it’s unnatural, needed to be stopped from the non stop running around everyone doesn’t see that we’re doing. That running around is what we call progress. It’s what we applaud as good…

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